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What are Innovation Nights

I find myself being asked, "What are Innovation Nights?".  If you have not attended a Mass Innovation Night, you might think this is another pitch event, networking gathering or spot to get some free food.
You would be right on all accounts but very wrong in thinking that this is just another one of "those".
Innovation Nights are Product Launch Parties. Companies with products ready to publicly launch, have a table, show their wares, give out samples and if chosen by the website crowd, get a few minutes to present.
In the lead up to an event, product "owners", what we call Launchers, submit products on the website.  We take the next group in the queue to be the featured companies.  There is voting on the website and top vote getters have the opportunity to present to the crowd at large during the presentations portion of the evening. But all of the companies get a table, not just the presenters. This is also when our sponsors and any experts get a minute of your ear.
For an idea of how it works, take a look here at the launchers for the next Mass Innovation Night, October 8th in Cambridge. This is a Woman Founders focused night and a great example. Here