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Bite Kite

Bite Kite, Inc

Bite Kite offers a daily-changing menu of nutritiously-balanced meals,
each made with local ingredients by very talented chefs for $10.
Loosely based on the Uber concept, customers order Bite Kite’s Classic
American with a twist...

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Let MAKOMAS beverages excite your palate with authentic, delicious, and nutrient-rich organic hibiscus tea, baobab or ginger drink!
Following old family traditions, MAKOMAS uses sustainably grown premium organic fruits, flowers and roots to...

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New Grounds Food

A CoffeeBar is a 100% organic, vegan, and gluten free energy bar infused with a full cup of fair trade coffee. Created by Northeastern students constantly rushing to their 8am financial accounting class without the time for breakfast or coffee,...

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ThermaPANEL is a patented modular heat exchange system with many applications including snowmelting, solar pool heating, patio cooling, interior heating and cooling and refrigeration and geothermal applications.


Platform Ventures

The READcase allows persons with Blindness or Low Vision to use an IPad and IPhone enabled with text to speech Apps or other apps that require a stable platform to capture the images needed to process the text to read. There are many other Apps...

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Admetsys Smart Pancreas™


Diabetes is the fastest-growing cause of inpatient and surgical care costs in the world. Worldwide spending on diabetic care already exceeds $400 billion annually, with 43% of these costs coming from hospital care in Europe and the United States...

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Revvo, Inc

Revvo is the world’s smartest exercise bike. It's the first fitness product to actually measure & track fitness (i.e. aerobic capacity) and uses that insight to guide users to cycle at precisely the right intensity. Each session lasts ~10...

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iClinical Inc

iClinical is a real time data aggregation, analytics and collaboration platform for clinical trials. Actionable predictive analytics allows real time decision making. Remote monitoring and real time collaboration allows faster resolution of...

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Sunu Band

SUNU, Inc.

Sunu is creating the first wearable 'flashlight' for the blind and visually impaired. Our product is helping break the biggest barrier to independent living for the 286 million visually impaired worldwide. Sunu Band enables people to better sense...

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GreatHorn Inc

For information security professionals, who are buried in alerts and data and supposed to still (somehow) prevent data breaches from occurring, GreatHorn is a situational awareness platform that enables even the most time-constrained team to see...

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Trilio Data

As a downloadable subscription based platform Trilio Data ("Trilio") is the only provider of Business Assurance and Disaster Recovery solutions for Big Data Applications. Trilio protects Application Workloads from data corruption or data loss...

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Play Local (Reserve A Game) is an online platform focused on promoting local active tennis communities. By providing players with a vehicle to expand their network and an easy to use reservation system to book public tennis courts, we are able to increase play...

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